Employee Training Day

At Live Green, we pride ourselves in the safety and proper training of every employee. While weekly safety meetings are standard, every spring we also hold a Training Day on-site. All employees attend – from those that have been here since the company’s inception, to those that may have started the week before – in order to refresh memories and encourage professionalism. This year, Live Green held our annual pre-season Training Day on the first beautiful Friday of April 2021, and we could not have asked for better weather to emphasize landscaping education.

To train each team member consistently and effectively, we divided 11 crucial landscaping concepts into separate workstations led by our most experienced foremen. Crews took turns at each station learning different skills from their assigned guides. At Station Nine, senior foremen instructed crewmembers how to properly lay different patterns with Hanover brick 4×8 pavers. Stations also included shop layout, sodding, planting, seeding, and loading equipment.

An exciting demo planting competition concluded the day. Eight groups competed in planting small pre-planned plots consisting of various plants. The first team to deliver the most quality and properly planted plot won a prize package. After the judges distributed prizes, the team celebrated a successful 2021 Training Day with soft-serve ice cream from The Cow, sponsored by WeCare Denali. Live Green has now added another extremely successful Training Day to the books thanks to the teamwork of our valuable crews and the support of our generous sponsors.