The Avenue at White Marsh

The next time you’re in town stop by The Avenue at White Marsh for a close-up look at one of our most recent projects. Nestled next to the Titled Kilt we completed a 13,120-square-foot paver installation and planted 36 trees, 350 shrubs, 2,400 bulbs, 3,060 grasses and 2,000 perennials. We even installed a complete irrigation system to water the plants over the spring and summer.

The job included installation of 7”, 8” and 9” caliper balled-and-burlapped trees weighing over 10,000 pounds! The only way to position these trees was via crane. We coordinated the entire installation, which included crane placement and the strategic positioning of tractor trailers within reach of the crane. We installed 7,175 square feet of artificial turf that can be removed in the winter revealing an ice rink underneath! It was an impressive project and we are so proud of the finished product. It’s wonderful to see so many families enjoying themselves every weekend outdoors.