Reisterstown Landscape Oasis

When the client and contractor first began working together, this project had been discussed, designed, re-designed and terminated multiple times by the homeowner and other contractors and designers. The client had a vision of how they wanted their property to look, but were unable to bring their vision to fruition. The contractor’s in-house designers developed a master plan which included createing a motor court, defined by a change in paving materials from asphalt to clay paver brick and anchored by the brick wall and arch, inspired by the architecrure at George Washington’s Mount Vernon. This arch defines the entry into the courtyard where the homeowner wanted a simplified Eurpoean style garden, complete with pea gravel pathways, manicured hedges and a strong axis to draw you through the space. The view through the courtyard is terminated by a low stone wall, behind which sits a stream and waterfalls, flowing into the Koi pond. This pond included several large boulders weighing over 1000 pounds. After passing through the courtyard, the visitor is brought onto the bluestone patio. This area of the site was designed by a Landscape Architecture firm who worked closely with the homeowner and contractor, who had been working on the design of the space over a period of several years. The design for the patio area included an outdoor kitchen, multiple levels to take advantage of the grade change around the property and a large gathering area complete with wood burning fireplace and pergola. The contractor constructed this portion of the patio using poured concrete footers, and concrete block walls which were steel reinforced to enure the patio structure which was to supported behind the 6′ tall wall did not move. Concrete slabs were poured for all the wet laid bluestone patio surfaces, and drains were installed below the bluestone to allow for adequate drainage. In the areas where drains were located below the stones, a series of 1/4″ holes were drilled through the bluestone to allow water to enter the drain without the need for a metal drain grate. The bench walls, stairs and fireplace were all veneered with Western Maryland fieldstone, incorporating a raked mortar joint for a rustic appearance. Low voltage lighting in the bench walls and stairs around the patio provide interest and safety at night. The landscape planting included 15 mature evergreen trees, installed at a height over 16′ with 60″ root balls, hundreds of shrubs including boxwood, hydrangea, viburnum, wigelia and thousands of ground cover. Due to heavy deer pressure in the area, 8′ tall deer fence was installed around the entire rear planting area, stretching over 600 linear feet and protecting the landscape from damage.