Nightmare Turned Into Award Winner

When the homeowners first contacted our company, they were still recovering from being cheated by their previous contractor. An individual billing himself as a hardscape professional met with them and proposed a stone patio with bench walls, columns and steps. This contractor had provided a ‘sketch on the back of a napkin’ as the husband put it, showing the layout. No construction or design details were provided with the sketch. Shortly after beginning the project and receiving the client’s deposit, the ‘contractor’ skipped town, leaving the homeowner with a mess of improperly constructed pieces and no permits for construction.

The husband and wife had a vision of what they wanted: a bluestone patio, bench walls, and steps with built in lighting. Space for entertaining was a must, and room to be able to use their grill, lounge in the sun, and to grow vegetables in pots on the patio were also necessary. Using 3D design software, we were able to show the client a model of the final design which met all of their needs. The use of this technology helped build the confidence our client needed to move forward with an experienced landscape contractor heading up the project.

Over 1,000 square feet of Pennsylvania bluestone was mortar set on a poured concrete base, while steps and walls were constructed using CMU and veneered with cultured stone in a color range to complement the existing brick on the front of the house. All the downspouts that emptied into the patio area were piped into PVC and run underground to the storm sewer system and low voltage LED lighting was installed in the steps and bench walls.