Native Garden Oasis

The client finds a particular enjoyment in immersing themselves in nature and wanted a space where they could sit, observe pollinators, and listen to bird calls. The client requested a garden with native plating with formal traditional accents as well as a clear entry way. While our company was not the designer of the project, we were able to bring it to life with our installation of boulders, river rock, and cedar woodworking to evoke a naturalized experience from outside and inside the garden. The entryway to the garden features a composite bride and stairs up to the garden that utilize crossing a gravel swale to create a feeling of separation while entering the garden and a defined sense of space. Our entryway features a wrought iron handrail attached to a contemporary composite decking bridge that is lead by special multi-colored bluestone pavers that are reminiscent of the bluestone native to the area. Once inside the garden you will find a small seating area, a dark cobblestone lining to emphasize the transition from gravel and mulch, and planter boxes for a maintained herb and vegetable garden. At the edge of the planting beds a custom-built shred rests like an old English cottage.