Local Home Transformed

The Residential Department had the opportunity to transform a local Clarksville property into a beautifully land- and hardscaped home over the course of 2020 while completing various renovations. Live Green constructed a deck, two 11’x16′ cedar pergolas, and three patios complete with pillars, lighting, retaining walls, walkways, and steps.

Off the driveway, a 545 sq. ft. “Observation” patio gives visitors a perfect view of the bounding backyard. On the middle patio, we installed a spacious outdoor kitchen area – a culinary amenity in increasing demand – which now allows the homeowner to expand their dining options while hosting friends and family. The kitchen includes a stainless-steel natural gas grill with BBQ rotisserie, a double burner, and a fridge.  Above, a white vinyl pavilion defines the space and protects it from the elements. Nearby, a new 13′ tall fireplace will also provide added entertainment while creating a stunning focal point on the 1,675 sq. ft. lower patio.

Drift roses, schip laurel, and cherry laurel now enhance the beauty of the backyard, with two impressive Bosque Lacebark Elms bookending the lower patio. The introduced greenery will not only bring about curb appeal, but will contribute to the peaceful, relaxing nature of the space. Landscaping plans for this property have been in the works since 2019, and it is incredibly satisfying to see the transformation brought about by Live Green’s dedicated Residential crews.