Historic Home Revamped

These homeowners reached out to Live Green during the pandemic looking for a way to make the backyard of their 100-year-old home in Baltimore more inviting and useable for outdoor functions when people were working and going to school remotely.

The house was built in the 1920s and the stucco finish was original to the home, so we designed this fireplace and outdoor kitchen with the same stucco to match the style and architecture of the house. Details like the relief at the top of the fireplace mimic similar details on the house and make the new outdoor space feel like it was always part of the home. The semi-circle inlay in front of the fireplace hearth was the original, 100-year-old bluestone on the property and was saved to be reused for this project. This brought a unique, original design element from the home’s exterior into the new bluestone patio.

The outdoor kitchen combines granite counters with built in storage and refrigeration to make the space great for relaxing, entertaining, and cooking. The large patio allows guests to relax by the fire, dine outdoor or cook while enjoying the home’s beautiful private backyard in the heart of the city.