Live Green Welcomes Spring With Training Day

April 1st is the unofficial start to the spring landscape season in our region. Cherry trees are starting to bloom, green patches of grass are beginning to appear in lawns and landscape crews are back at work in gardens all around Maryland. Live Green celebrates the start of the season with a focus on training and ensuring our skills refreshed and our crews are ready to go to work.

Live Green welcomed back more than 40 of our seasonal employees on Monday April 1st as they returned for another exciting year with the company. We kick off the start of the spring landscape season with ‘Training Day’ for all employees at Live Green. From entry level employees starting their first season, to senior crew leaders starting their 20th season, we all spend a full day reviewing and doing hands on practice of the the safest and best ways to perform the daily tasks that occur on a landscape job. Crews practice planting, mulching, safe vehicle and equipment operation, seeding and sod installation, hardscape construction and other essential tasks so that they are equipped with the skills to perform at a high level in the field.

Training is essential to maintaining our core values at Live Green:  Safety, Team, Ethics, Pride and Profit.  We train employees to be safe, while working to build teams that are stronger than any one employee. Ethics is crucial to our mission, because if we don’t believe that we are doing the right thing for every employee and every client, we won’t be successful. Pride flows though these employees because they can see and feel that they are appreciated and make a difference in the team, and all these values combined together allows the company to be profitable. Without profit, Live Green won’t be able to continue serving out clients and employees.

Training Day is an annual event at Live Green. We practice the skills that make us professionals, and we celebrate our employees with a catered breakfast, catered lunch and a refreshed and excited outlook for the year ahead!