Employee Appreciation Day

Despite the pandemic unleashing a year of trepidation, Live Green had a successful 2020, and had to give its employees credit. Accomplishing this feat could not have happened if it were not for the continuous hard work of every employee.

On Employee Appreciation Day 2020, employees took the afternoon to enjoy an individually boxed Mission Barbeque lunch – complete with fresh baked cookies – and tune in for the socially distanced Awards Ceremony outdoors.  Awards of Excellence were distributed in recognition of the outstanding performance and unparalleled leadership of our foremen and assistant foremen. Among the recipients was dedicated Senior Foreman Celso Montes, who has been with Live Green since its inception in 2008. Laborers received Certificates of Achievement recognizing their diligence in 2020. For van drivers, who we entrust to transport our crews, we crafted creative goodie bags with heartfelt thank you notes and holiday-themed jokes. After awards, field employees participated in raffles.  The prize table included a variety of gifts including Bose headphones, gift cards, speakers, and sports merch.

Office employees also continued a tradition that encompasses one of Live Green’s core values: teamwork. After President Mike Martin strung lights on our ten-foot holiday tree, each member of the team took their turn decking the fragrant pine with ten baubles. Once complete, the Live Green office had a colorful centerpiece forged by the team.

Entering 2021 with an emphasis on employee pride and teamwork, Live Green anticipates another strong year.