Celebrating 12 Years of Business

Established during the middle of the 2008 economic recession, Live Green has come along way from its humble beginnings. The company began 12 years ago in a tiny house located within Owings Mills, with only a single truck, Bobcat, and crew to our name. Now, Live Green proudly supports over One Hundred team members, as we strive to provide quality and efficiency to all clients across Maryland and the surrounding states.

One of the biggest proponents to Live Green’s recipe for success, is an emphasis on our company mission statement, “Helping people to see what they cannot see”. Our mission statement is not just a saying that we slap on the side of our vehicles, but rather it’s an embodiment of all the values, goals, and attitudes Live Green expects of our employees. We utilize this mission statement daily, and not only emphasize the importance of it outside of the workplace, but internally as well.

While Live Green Landscapes accredits a portion of their success to the upholding of our company mission statement, the internal teamwork is what really allows the company to thrive. From the foreman who have worked with Live Green since opening day, to the fresh faces of new employees Live Green is bringing in annually, every team member buys into the idea that teamwork equates to success. While each employee may have their own specialty, no one individual is solely responsible for any given project. We communicate and collaborate with one another across the production chain, to ensure that the same passion and quality felt within the office, is felt by all the wonderful Live Green clients we service outside of the office.

Live Green has experienced exponential growth since its founding, and many original clients have become trusted friends over the years. To express our deepest gratitude for our team this year the appreciation plaques were awarded to 2 foremen who haven been with us for over 10 years – Feliciano Montes and Mario Claros of the residential department. We are very proud of the dedication to quality workmanship, professionalism, and customer satisfaction on the part of the entire Live Green team.